Category: girls

Cheeky selfie

Want one cheeky seelfie? How about two?

cheeky selfie

Listen to the sea

They say the sea is talking, but anyone listen to it?

listen to the sea

Run Lola Run

Here, she is running for fun

run lola run

Tender moment

A moment of tenderness on the beach

tender moment

Lone walk

A walk in the morning is a good start for the day

lone walk

In the waves

When the great wave comes, you gotta run

in the waves

Sunrise joy

Sunrise time is joy time

sunrise joy

Mysterious sunrise

Exploring the mystery of a rising sun

mysterious sunrise

Exquisite sunrise

A sunrise with champagne, that should be exquisite

exquisite sunrise

Smoking sunrise

One can say a sunrise is smoking hot, I guess.

smoking sunrise

Splashing water

Splash the water, as much as you want, it good for the picture. But not towards the camera, that’s not so good.

splashing water

Boring Mothering

A somewhat bored mother it seems

boring mothering


The food store behind her is selling fried anchovy (“hamsie”) and hot dogs, local and international.


Beach shooting session

When the two have their own beach shooting session, who is a photographer to dare and meddle?

beach shooting session

Two sides

There are two sides to every story: those pictures were taken some 5 minutes apart and probably less than 20 meters away. The main subject is the same, the result is very different.

two sides