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Flower tree

The cherry trees are in blossom now

flower tree


The cherry trees are here, ready and blossoming


Get ready

Getting ready to blossom any moment now.

get ready

Grass level

Love from the grass level

Grass level

It smells like spring

Is almost spring out here

It smells like spring

Selling flowers

Street vendor with spring flowers

Selling flowers


Bargain for the flowers in the street


Flowers for my Valentine

Street shot from the Valentine’s Day

Flowers for my Valentine

The flower, the mountain and the autumn

Autumn landscape with flower and mountains.

the flower, the mountain and the autumn

Not in the Alps

Those edelweiss flowers are not from the Alps, but from the Carpathian mountains.

not in the alps

Secret flowers

I fear this picture may reveal a bit too much about the location of those rare and delicate edelweiss flowers.

secret flowers

Flowers, girls, movies…

It was a children game: “flowers, girls, movies or boys?”

flowers girls movies

Lazy city

A lazy Saturday afternoon in the city: heat, food, flowers, people.

lazy city

Apple flower

Apple tree flowers, bees, spring.

apple flower

Weddings: Unforgettable

There are things in life that are not to be forgotten easily

weddings: unforgettable