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Sunrise by the sea

A fine sunrise at the Black Sea shore

Sunrise by the sea

One girl, one cup

One girl, one cup

She and herself

A bride, a phone and the selfie

she and herself

A kind of Leia

The model in this wedding fashion show has a very iconic hair arrangement

a kind of leia

Bridal atmosphere

A very bridal atmosphere, with dresses, model, decorations, fast and everything else.

bridal atmosphere

Remember the summer

Don’t know about you, but among so many pictures with winter and snow I do myself feel a need for a little summer imagery

Step forward

Why did she cross the road? You tell me!

step forward


No, she’s an angel! The snow is dirty after not even a day since it started to fall down.



A portrait in black and white


Morning selfie

A selfie in the morning to start your day well (and pretty).

morning selfie

Morning coffee

Enjoying a savory morning coffee on the beach

morning coffee

Sea view

A basic view at the sea, beach, waves and everything.

sea view

Mrs Clown

Hello Mrs Clown! And goodbye Mrs Clown!

mrs clown

The cheerleader effect

See the cheerleader effect in full force and how an entire audience is affected.

the cheerleader effect

Some more Liberty

Some more pictures from the Miss Liberty fashion show

some more liberty
some more liberty
some more liberty
some more liberty