Category: mountains


Foamy waters in the autumnal forest


Morning mountain

The morning light over the Piatra Craiului mountains.

morning mountain


The wavy terrain in Peștera village, below the Piatra Craiului mountains.


Rough work

Because rough work is rough

rough work

Sun over mountains

The sun rising over the mountains for yet another glorious morning

sun over mountains

Landscape with cows

The hills at the foot of the Piatra Craiului mountains

landscape with cows


Wavy lines on the horizons: they are mountains and hills


Field geometry

Geometric shapes defining the field on the coast of the hill

field geometry

Sweet grass

The horse is enjoying the sweet grass at the foot of the Bucegi mountains.

sweet grass

Not in the Alps

Those edelweiss flowers are not from the Alps, but from the Carpathian mountains.

not in the alps

Alpine family

The alpine family in the search for the secret flowers

alpine family

Be a name, not a number

This sheep was labeled for life and her name will forever be “fifteen”.

be a name not a number

Secret flowers

I fear this picture may reveal a bit too much about the location of those rare and delicate edelweiss flowers.

secret flowers