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Now I understand why swans are supposed to be gracious

The shoemaker

The old shoe maker and his opanaks


Introducing Billy, the goat kid

Not so urban morning

Yet another urban morning in Bucharest with swans and a touch of mist

Vintage mood

For some reason, I had a vintage mood when processing this picture

Ordinary day

Just an average day: eating soup and face painted

White on white

The white swan on the white snow


Ana getting ready to feast on some mucenici

Little Red Riding Hood

Interpreting a classic fairy tale

Resting ballerina

A little bit of rest before the dance competition starts


Light coming from behind


Pretty in the mirror

In the mirror or outside it?

Pretty in the mirror

Pretty in black

Black, serious and pretty. A portrait.

Pretty in black

Not forgotten

One of the almost forgotten past autumn photos: mystic morning on the lake

Not forgotten

A steampunk story

Do you like fantasy stories? How about steampunk ones?

A steampunk story