Month: March 2016


On the pathway to some wonderful time


The walk of spring

They have the spring in their lives

The walk of spring

Spring and the city

The city is blossoming and also it is growing

Spring and the city

Fancy and the ivy

The fancy girl playing outside and the ivy covered trees

Fancy and the ivy

Sweet love of spring

Spring still life with cherry tree flowers, sweets and a lot of love.

Sweet love of spring

Smell the flowers

It’s spring, smell the flowers and be happy.

smell the flowers

Close blossom

Close view of a cherry tree flower

close blossom

Flower tree

The cherry trees are in blossom now

flower tree

B-day Girl

The little girl in red is happily celebrating her birthday.

b-day girl


The cherry trees are here, ready and blossoming


Blue hour

As the night is falling, the sky is blue over the city, the sky is blue over the lake.



Silhouette bicycling into the sunset



Welcome to the old attic!


Left down

The winner walks away, his opponent is left on the ground (new published older picture)

left down

City silhouette

The city silhouette in the sunset.

City silhouette