Year: 2015

The flower, the mountain and the autumn

Autumn landscape with flower and mountains.

the flower, the mountain and the autumn

Travel to the autumn

The train is running fast to the beautiful autumnal forests.

travel to the autumn

Little witch is having fun

Halloween is close, so the kids have a lot of fun with pumpkins and scary stories.

little witch is having fun

Red berry

Strong color of red berries over the autumnal yellow and browns.

red berry

Broken window

There is no fallacy, is just a broken window

broken window

Golden path

The golden path takes you deep into the forest

golden path

The castle

Not much originality in shooting the Peleș castle, but in so many years I didn’t got to do it before.

the castle


Foamy waters in the autumnal forest


Love falls

Autumn is a season for love too

love falls


A man has to look good, especially when he is guarding the park.


Random encounter of the squirrel kind

A friendly squirrel from the nearby park. He was gathering nut for the winter.

Random encounter of the squirrel kind

In the spotlights

They may not be the spotlights one dreams about, but some kind of spotlights they are.

in the spotlights

Ghost in the window

The ghost, the window and the sex toys. Thanks to the night.

ghost in the window

We are the champions

Champions, champions everywhere! Even in the rainy night.

we are the champions

Her umbrella

She and her umbrella, the rain ain’t so scary

her umbrella