Month: October 2015

Window encounter

Windows encounter in the rainy night

Harvest still

Pumpkins, squashes, fruits, nuts: a rich autumn harvest

harvest still

Autumn fun

Men and dogs enjoying a beautiful autumn day

autumn fun


Another old photo with a new black and white editing. This time I dug it up for a challenge asking for “masculinity”


Reflection on Bucharest

I made this picture back in spring and for some reason, I wasn’t very happy with it at the time. Now with a new black and white edit, it proved to get some liking from people around.

reflection on bucharest

Bowl of squashes

I find the autumn colors to be fascinating, so I made a series of images with such colors. Now, a bowl full of squashes.

bowl of squashes


Fantasy is fascinating, let your imagination fly.



All the autumn colors in a single leaf


More reflections on autumn

Just warm and beautiful autumn colors.

more reflections on autumn

Last swans

The swans should start their migration quite soon I think. Or is already late?

last swans

Star girl

Children have to dream of stars, space and fantasy

Autumn still

Autumnal still life with leaves, fruits and wine

autumn still

The magic of books

The fantasy land is the book land

the magic of books

Autumn in a pond

You don’t need more than a pond for a reflection on autumn

autumn in a pond

Autumn with swans

I was sure the swans migrate for the winter. Maybe the autumn is still young

autumn with swans