Month: <span>September 2015</span>

I want in

The school started, but not for everyone. The little ones still have to wait a bit.

i want in

Ready for some more?

I bet he is ready for some more… as soon as someone will wake him up

ready for some more?

Batman and Robin

Holy shit, she’s Batman!

batman and robin

Pillars of eternity

When the eternity is not eternal

pillars of eternity

A goat story

Is not like I am using this goat as an escape device or so.

a goat story


Cows, mud and some more cows. Life at the farm.



I am not expert in this area, they may be keets not chicks, even if they were with a chicken hen, I understand keets are often grown such way.


Morning mountain

The morning light over the Piatra Craiului mountains.

morning mountain


The wavy terrain in Peștera village, below the Piatra Craiului mountains.


Rough work

Because rough work is rough

rough work

Shitty life

Manure is life and life is manure

shitty life

Jesus watches

Be calm, Jesus watches over everything

jesus watches

Young Biker

The boy and his bike

young biker

Helicopter bunny

I don’t know about you, but I feel it is going to start flying any moment now.

helicopter bunny

Sports and more

A frame of life revealed trough shadows

sports and more