Month: August 2015

Lone walk

A walk in the morning is a good start for the day

lone walk

In the waves

When the great wave comes, you gotta run

in the waves

Half run

Half run, half waves

half run

Morning coffee

Enjoying a savory morning coffee on the beach

morning coffee

Not in the Alps

Those edelweiss flowers are not from the Alps, but from the Carpathian mountains.

not in the alps

Beach for everyone

They close the beaches a bit more every year, but they are still open for everyone

Two mornings with fishermen

I was walking on the Mamaia beach, towards Năvodari, looking photo a photography subject, something more interesting than the simple solar ball emerging out from the water, something not exactly easy in a week with a totally uncooperative weather: not even a single tiny cloud to augment the sunrise.
In the distance, I see a small silhouette, it looks like a fishing boat and I hurry-up with the hope to put this object between me and the sun and overcome the bland natural offer. Anyway, it was away and I managed to catch it only after it reached the shore, so I witnessed only the human spectacle which exceeded my expectations.
The next day some other subjects distracted me and I couldn’t reach the boat again, but the third day I was more determined. Apparently not enough, because I couldn’t catch it over the sea, but still on the shore. Even more human spectacle for me, with an added bonus from the birds attracted by the smell of fish.
A few days later, once returning home, I edited and published one single picture from the photos made there in the two mornings with fishermen, obviously the one I found the best, and noticed it enjoyed a relative success. Feeling the interest and because I see the story being larger, I come back now with a small set: Two mornings with fishermen.

Two mornings with fishermen

Two mornings with fishermen

Two mornings with fishermen

Two mornings with fishermen

Two mornings with fishermen

Two mornings with fishermen

Sunrise joy

Sunrise time is joy time

sunrise joy

Mysterious sunrise

Exploring the mystery of a rising sun

mysterious sunrise

Exquisite sunrise

A sunrise with champagne, that should be exquisite

exquisite sunrise

Alpine family

The alpine family in the search for the secret flowers

alpine family

Be a name, not a number

This sheep was labeled for life and her name will forever be “fifteen”.

be a name not a number

Secret flowers

I fear this picture may reveal a bit too much about the location of those rare and delicate edelweiss flowers.

secret flowers

Smoking sunrise

One can say a sunrise is smoking hot, I guess.

smoking sunrise

Sea life

A glimpse of FORMER sea life.

sea life