Month: July 2015


Late rolling love



It looks like a kind of romantic triangle


Magic, magic

…and again once more in the magic land.

magic magic


The butterfly is trying his luck, not sure if in the end he found the four leaf clover or not.


Scary man

When the funny man is the scary man at the same time

scary man

Ball and shadows

Just experimenting with a light source.

ball and shadows

Girl in sunglasses

The girl in sunglasses in enjoying the water fountain.

girl in sunglasses

Everything else is Can-can

The climax for any French music show has to be Can-can, right?

everything else is can-can

For the show

The theater is closed at this time

for the show

Lovely couple

Can you guess what the lovely couple was doing? Let me tell you: he was drinking some coke while she was eating pizza.

lovely couple


A hard bargain may get you to close the desired goal.


Two faces

In life, often one has to show more than one single face.

Lake Panorama

Panorama made from a boat in the middle of the lake.

lake panorama

On heels

Shadows on high heels

‘Dat ass

I find this worthy of the well-known meme

dat ass